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Ekoji Pure Land Group

Speak one sentence less of chatter;
Recite once more the Buddha’s name.
Recite until your false thoughts die;
Your Dharma Body will come to life.
-Seeker's Glossary of Buddhism



Richmond Zen Group

Richmond Zen has a new site!

Please go to: www.richmondzen.org





 Zen practice is to get to our True Mind,
the mind not accessible to thinking.
This mind cannot be consciously known
by ordinary efforts.
An unusual effort is necessary.
This effort is zazen.

- Shunryu Suzuki

Tibetan Buddhist Group


Kagyu Shenpen Tharchin has its own website:





Insight Meditation Community of Richmond, Va.


Mind is the forerunner of all actions.
All deeds are led by mind, created by mind.
If one speaks or acts with a serene mind, happiness follows,
As surely as one’s shadow.

-Dhammapada 1:2





Richmond Meditative Inquiry Group

Awareness cannot be taught, and when
it is present it has no context.
All contexts are created by thought and
are therefore corruptible by thought.
Awareness simply throws light on what is,
without any separation whatsoever.
-Toni Packer









Ligmincha Richmond

As students of this particular strain of Tibetan Buddhism, we are here to share meditation as learned from Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche, founder of Ligmincha Institute, the Bon center of the west, and our beloved teacher of the ancient Bon lineage of indigenous Tibetan teachings. “Dzogchenpas” as Tenzin Rinpoche’s teacher His Holiness Lungtok Nyima Tenpa’i fondly calls us  we are students of Dzogchen.

 >>> Upcoming Event - Medicine Buddha Teaching



Shambhala Meditation


This new group will add web site information soon.

Click here to obtain a PDF of their tri-fold BROCHURE.




Ekoji Buddhist Sangha

 ekoji main

Founded in 1986, Ekoji Buddhist Sangha supports the teaching, practice, and study of Buddhism in the Greater Richmond area. We are a fellowship of the Buddhist Churches of America, an association founded over one hundred years ago.







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