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Richmond Meditative Inquiry Group

Awareness cannot be taught, and when
it is present it has no context.
All contexts are created by thought and
are therefore corruptible by thought.
Awareness simply throws light on what is,
without any separation whatsoever.
-Toni Packer








The Meditative Inquiry Group provides an environment of openness, quiet, and shared inquiry into the present moment. The group takes its inspiration from the teachings of Toni Packer and her practice center in New York State, Springwater Center, as well as from other sources that she draws upon, particularly Zen Buddhism and the teaching of J. Krishnamurti and Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj. The group strives for a spirit of inclusiveness and all, including beginners, are welcome to join us for meditation regardless of spiritual background or level of meditation experience.

“…meditation is the wonder of coming upon that which is not conditioned, that which is beyond fantasy and remembrance. Sitting quietly, without desire and fear, beyond the sense of time, is vast, boundless being, not belonging to me or you. It is free and unattached, shedding light on conditioned being, beholding it and yet not meddling with it. The seeing is the doing. Seeing is change. It is not what is seen that matters, but that there is seeing, revealing what is as it is, in the light of wisdom and compassion too marvelous to comprehend.”

- Toni Packer


Meditative Inquiry Group Info

Richmond Meditative Inquiry Group
Newcomers are encouraged to call beforehand to arrange for an orientation and/or meditation instruction.

For more information please contact:

Kirk Warren Brown (804) 828-6754

Mark Bryant (434) 392-7916

Meditative Inquiry Group Schedule


12:00 pm Sitting meditation 
12:30 pm Group dialogue
1:00 pm   Close


7:00 pm Sitting meditation
7:30 pm Walking meditation
7:40 pm Talk and group dialogue
8:45 pm Sitting meditation
9:00 pm Close

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