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Our current book for discussion is The Noble Eightfold Path, by Bhikkhu Bodhi.  This book is a clear, concise account of the Eightfold Path prescribed by the Buddha to uproot and eliminate the deep underlying cause of suffering--ignorance.  The theoretical as well as practical angles of each of the path factors--right view, right intention, right speech, right action, right livelihood, right effort, right mindfulness, and right concentration--are illustrated through examples of contemporary life.  The work's final chapter addresses the Eightfold Path's culmination:  complete and total liberation from suffering; enlightenment.

Join us each Friday after the meditation, as we read and explore this valuable and important work.  As always, you do not have to have read the book ahead of time:  we will take turns reading aloud and have open discussion following the reading.  We draw on our own personal experiences in the discussion, which is suitable for all, from the total beginner to the experienced practitioner; everyone is welcome and encouraged to participate.



Insight Meditation Information

Newcomers are encouraged to call ahead and arrange a brief orientation/meditation instruction to be held prior to the group meditation.

For those with little or no prior meditation experience, we recommend a 30 minute orientation.

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